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Dallas Township Recycle Center

Clinton County Waste Management Recycle Center is located at the Village of Fowler, Dept. of Public Works

The Site is open 7 days a week.

Materials that are allowed consist of:

Clear Glass Bottles and Jars

#1 and #7 Plastic containers

Aluminum and Tin cans

Brown Glass

Newspapers, junk mail, paper, magazines, phone books, cardboard, including empty beer and pop cartons

Materials that are not excepted:
Green, Red, or Blue Glass
Window Glass
Vinyl Siding

Containers Containing Hazardous Waste:

Oil Cans
Anti Freeze Jugs

All recycling containers are marked with the proper labels of what and where each item is to be put. Please do not abuse this site.

Dallas Township
225 S. Main St. | Fowler, MI 48835

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